DAPP stands for Decentralized application runs on a distributed computing system. Treasure is working on Ethereum Distributed Ledger Technology powered by smart contract with advance coding and carefully deployed on Ethereum blockchain. There is no single token reserve by any developer and not even a tiny Ethereum can go extra in any developers account and this is the reason This DAPP is 100% Decentralized application by the developers for the universe.

Treasure Exchange is a unique fast Decentralized Exchange for converting Ethereum to TRS and TRS to Ethereum. Best part of this exchange whenever someone will buy/sell And Transfer TRS token same time transaction fee will distribute among all the TRS holders as per their holdings. You can check all its transactions on Etherscan.

TRS Token Making system is one of the best of its kind. When Ethereum hit the smart contract wallet a unique coding system generate TRS token and transfer in your wallet. Whenever someone will buy TRS token the price will increase 0.000000001 on every next token buy and same way decrease 0.000000001 on sale. Sold token will burn automatically.